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About The Company

Spesbona was founded in 1982. We administer and manage healthcare expenses for Employees of various Employer groups. This includes in-and-out-of-Hospital benefits as well as benefits with regards to chronic medication, hospital reassessments and various protocols as developed during our 37 years in the industry.

Part of the solution to the problems in the healthcare industry is to have a committed party that will act on your behalf, who is skilled and trained within the environment, that do not have a vested interest other than the fee they receive for service rendered to the satisfaction of the consumer, who realizes that the customer is responsible for their remuneration and who will act in good faith and provide fact based answers and solutions. A third party that has established relations within the industry to serve their clients and provide factual answers and solutions through various processes.

Our Service

Currently administering in excess of R40 Million worth of medical accounts per annum.

Spesbona is not a Medical Scheme, as defined in the Medical Schemes Act of 2000.


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Why Choose Us


37 Year Experience In The Industry


Quick Response - Response Within 24 Hours Or Less


Clinical Staff Available On Call To Advice On Treatment Protocol


Access To Staff - Instant Access Via Your Smartphone


We Act On Your Behalf - With Your Medical Scheme, Service Provider & Will Go All The Way To Assist With The Correct Protocols.


Unique Membership Card With Medical Aid Number & SB Member Number For Easy Access

your professional healthcare manager

Highly motivated staff offers friendly personal and efficient service.

SpesBona Benefits

Apart from intervention by someone else than yourself, with the necessary skills and know-how, to micromanage your healthcare expenses; SpesBona will negotiate with service providers to obtain the most cost-effective clinical treatment and we have developed special skills in assessing claims. A few of our skills include items such as:

Micromanagement Process

This is really the crux of what we do. We don’t just pay accounts on your behalf, we look intelligently at all claims and assess it, whilst taking into account what might develop in the near future. 

Dental Benefit

Over a number of years we have been managing and developing software that assists us in assessing dental claims and pre-authorizations on specialized dentistry. This is so successful that it is used by large schemes to manage and control their cost.


On your request, we can negotiate favourable rates with your medical practitioner.  This is not compulsory, but rather a method to stretch your healthcare rand.

Unnecessary Treatments

Medical accounts aren’t always what you expected. Our team has the skills to interpret all the detail and will liase with you to make sure that you have in fact received the specific service at an appropriate rate. 

Obtaining Pre-authorisation On Your Behalf

Obtaining a pre-authorisation is not a guarantee of payment by your Medical Scheme.  We ensure that the pre-authorisation obtained correspond to the treatment given and liaise with all the parties to adhere to your Medical Schemes protocols.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME’s)

Ever had to buy expensive prosthesis that has a sublimit in your Scheme? Through our own procurement process, we can save money on expensive and sophisticated products both for internal as well as external usage. A saving of at least 10% is guaranteed!

Emergency Expenses

There are a lot of misconceptions around emergency procedures performed after hours at hospitals. The very first thing to remember is that if you are not admitted to the hospital, in other words you have not received an identification tag around your wrist, you are most probably treated by a private practice next to the hospital. 

We Read the Fineprint

It is not our job to question the actions and treatment plans of your service provider. However, when you are engaging in a complex procedure or need a lengthy treatment plan, it is always nice to know that someone can assist you in interpreting the finer detail thereof.

Confusing Medical Bills

When you are sick you probably do not want to argue, especially when it comes to finances. It is comforting to know that there is a third party willing and able to negotiate on your behalf. 



“Thank you so very much for all your hard work and the claims payments and statements you processed recently.”
– Sandra Brown

“Jy is die beste. Baie dankie vir jou moeite. Ek waardeer dit baie.”
– Flip Bosch

“Thank you Martine, you are my SpesBona superhero.”
– Elgyn

“I am extremely appreciative for this
Specially that you DID NOT brake our connection.”
– Irna Schutte

“The purpose of this mail is to commend Martine on her excellent customer service. In a world of complacency, it is refreshing to find someone that is passionate about customer service and satisfaction. Martine is simply a Super Star!”
– Arthur Kindo

“What I particularly like about SpesBona is the fact that they have a direct line to a specific individual dealing with queries in times of emergency and admissions. SpesBona strives to partner with various vendors in order to ensure ultimate cost savings and service. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with SpesBona staff and a very good business relationship has been established .”
– Bertie Brits

“We are clients of SpesBona since 1996 and through the years, they have grown with and given outstanding service to us. SpesBona has a very diligent and effective team that has supported and assisted our staff way beyond the point of duty. “
– Chris Schutte

“Chamotte Holding’s Healthcare Program has been administered by SpesBona for over 33 years, which is a testimony in itself to the confidence we have in our administrator. We have enjoyed first-rate healthcare advice, claims procedure & remittances as well as monthly financial reporting on the state of our fund. I have always found the staff of SpesBona to be thoroughly professional, helpful and efficient in our relationship with them and would not hesitate to recommend their services to any organization.”
– Chris Shaw

“We have been using the services of SpesBona for a period of more than 14 years. During this time we have found them, and their staff to be extremely helpful and efficient in assisting us as a company and all our employees with all our requirements and queries as well as the efficient running of our company Healthcare Program. In many instances, they have gone the extra mile in assisting those in need when hospital emergencies have arisen. I would not hesitate to recommend Annali and her SpesBona team.”
– LP Venter & Lynne Oakley

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