Spesbona Medicine Club

Pay LESS for Medicine.
Delivered to your doorstep.

The medicine club benefit is available for FREE to all existing Spes Bona clients, but can also be taken as a standalone offering.

In conjunction with Optipharm we offer:

  • Competitive dispensing fees
  • No pharmacy administration fees
  • Convenience of delivery of chronic medication to any address in South Africa FREE!
  • FREE delivery of acute medication to your doorstep (Pretoria, Midrand and Johannesburg only).
  • Delivery of emergency medicine within 24 hours of authorisation e.g. post exposure prophylaxis after an assault
  • Walk in facilities for client interaction in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape
  • Client education with regard to the correct consumption of medication, dosage, drug interactions and side effects
  • Continued interaction with you and/or your prescribing doctor for the renewal of your prescription
  • Should you already be a SpesBona client or take out one of our individual products, membership for the medicine club is FREE! If not, you will pay a once-off administration fee of R100.

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Medicine pricing in South Africa is regulated by law through a mechanism known as Single Exit Price or SEP. This mechanism controls the price that a pharmacy has to charge for medication. A pharmacy may only add a dispensing fee (mark-up) to the SEP. Currently the mark-up is 36/36 which means in practice that the pharmacy can charge a mark-up of 36% with a maximum of R36 per item. Only the maximum is regulated, however in practice this is what most of the retail pharmacies charge their clients. Spesbona has negotiated a huge discount for their clients when they access their network.

Apart from the discount we have also compiled our own generic formulary that is based on molecular substitution.

This means the active ingredient in the product is the same than in the patented product, but at a fraction of the cost. If clients choose to utilise this formulary, further considerable savings will be achieved.

Taking a look at the average script in SA, the cost of joining can be recovered in a single script!

This benefit is for both acute as well as all chronic medication, including Chronic Disease List (CDL) medication for the Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) conditions. In the case of PMB's the cost of the script will be routed directly to the applicable Medical Scheme for payment.

In future, you will also qualify for discount other healthcare products!

Medicine cost savings example

  Approved Retail Cost
Spesbona Cost
Spesbona Cost
Base Price R100 R100 R50
SEP 36/36 20/20 20/20

  Approved Retail Cost
Spesbona Cost
Spesbona Cost
Free R36 R20 R10
Total R136 R120 R60

Saving on the average script, that contains 2.8 items will be 13.33% on Patented Products and 126.66% on the Formulary!