Basic cover for everyday basic needs

Aimed at providing assistance for events in hospital and PMB conditions

This is for clients' that do not require assistance with their day to day expenditures or are currently on a comprehensive medical aid option but needs our assistance and expertise with hospital claims, PMB's and pre authorizations. The service is offered on the same basis as but is limited to:

Negotiate with service providers

Register and administer your chronics

Preferred provider network

Obtain Hospital Pre-Auths On Your Behalf

Micromanagement of claims and tracking of health outcomes

Available 24/7/365 - Always!

Takes responsibility

Ensure 3rd party pay claims correctly

Gives Clinical Assistance

Flexible healthcare architecture

Spesbona medicine club benefit

Has No Vested Interest

CoreCare in practice

differs from in that although there is still a bank account this account is there only to reconcile payments to and from the medical schemes such as:

  • Reimbursements from schemes for deposits, co-pays and PMB's
  • Shortfalls on hospital accounts and major treatment plans