Spesbona FAQ

Answering all your Spesbona questions.

What are the contractual obligations?

It is important to understand that there are a number of parties involved.

  • The first is between you and your medical scheme, which is normally facilitated by your broker.
  • The second is the contract that will be discussed by the broker. Important to note that this is a common law agreement between parties and is specifically subject to a 4 month minimum initial contract period.
  • The third is the arrangement between yourself and the bank to open an account, this will be facilitated by Spesbona and the broker.

Do I need to join SBFI via a broker?

It is not absolutely necessary but we feel that the value of the services that can be obtained from these professionals in determining whether you are on the right scheme is invaluable.

Can I use SB4i as my broker?

It is important to note that is not accredited as a broker and is therefore not allowed to render any advice. The duties of is to render administrative services through its bureau and processing network.

How long does it take to join?

As soon as the bank account is opened, your card and welcome pack will be distributed and effectively when the first money is allocated into the account, we can process on your behalf.

Do I need to reregister my chronic medication?

If you are currently on chronic meds with your scheme these will automatically carry on, however it is possible that you can save money on unnecessary co-pays and cost by using our pharmacy benefit.

Will service providers recognise my membership card?

Spesbona has been around for 30 years and yes, it might happen in the odd instance that some providers have not had the opportunity to deal with us. Should you encounter any of these or planning on a visit and you are not certain please contact the SBFI number to confirm. All pharmacies countrywide switch directly to Spesbona.

How do the pre-authorisations work?

If you are going in for a planned procedure please contact the Spesbona team as they will organize everything between yourself, the Scheme and the various service providers. Please allow sufficient time in order for us to facilitate the necessary arrangements. Some procedures require medical reports and motivations and might take a little longer. In case of an emergency where you are admitted to hospital, please have your card ready as the case manager will contact your scheme directly for authorisation. If possible, have somebody contact Spesbona so that we can liaise and ensure that you receive proper care.

How does emergency rooms at hospitals work and who should pay for these treatments?

There is a general misconception that if you are treated at emergency rooms at the hospital, that your hospital plan should pay these cost. This is not true and in most instances these treatments come from your savings. Only when you are admitted to hospital does the hospital plan come into play! If you visit these facilities, contact us so that we can arrange for payment or confirm benefits.

Can we contact SBFI for clinical advice?

Absolutely, these will be treated confidentially and referred to your physician if deemed necessary.

Do I receive monthly statements?

Not only will you receive monthly statements, but on receipt of claims and capturing thereof an sms is sent to your primary number to notify you. Monthly statements are sent via e-mail indicating all claims and the current amount on your account. Bank statements will be mailed or e-mailed to you in accordance with the banks' business rules.

How do I discontinue the service?

There is an initial 4 month obligatory period, thereafter 1 calendar month written notice will cancel the agreement. Cancellation will also mean that all benefits will be forfeited such as the medicine pricing, discount on services etc.

Transfer between options

Clients can upgrade at any time between options at a calendar months notice.

How does the money move between my own account and my MPA account?

Once the monthly amount has been calculated, it can be done in a number of ways after you have received your pack:

  1. You can visit your branch and implement a stop order from your current account into your MPA account.
  2. You can set up your online banking to transfer money on a monthly basis into the MPA account.
  3. You can sign a debit order to give effect to the transaction.
Please liaise with your broker to discuss the option that suits you best.