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Comments from the public domain
  • Various role players have voiced their concern over the current state of
    affairs in government facilities, they need to be fixed asap. “Not a single state health facility in Gauteng has been assessed as complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA)” News24 29-08-2019
  • Access to care should be given in a reasonable period of time. “More than 6,000 patients at Chris Hani Baragwanath have been waiting more than six months for surgery. Those waiting for hip or knee surgery can expect to wait up to five years”Business Day 29-08-2019
  • There is the possibility that there might be an exodus of healthcare professionals
  • A single fund controlled by a minister who is a political appointment spell danger. “This arrangement leaves the fund wide open to corruption, says WITS School of Governance’s Prof Alex van den Heever. “It creates a conflict of interest between operations and accountability: if your appointment is political, you are accountable to the appointer and the governance structure means nothing,” he says, “And if the minister doesn’t like what the CEO is doing, he can simply remove them.”
  • For NHI to succeed the primary point of contact i.e. nurses and doctors need to increase. Currently, State facilities have 1 nurse for every 401 patients – Rapport 01-09-2019
  • The initial pilot programs were a disaster. R4,3bn spent with no measurable results – https://www.Netwerk24.Com/nuus/gesondheid/so-flop-ngv-Reeds  2018-07-01

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