(Objectives, Summary and the Bill)



To achieve universal access to quality health care services for all in RSA


Brief Summary

  • A single system providing health services run by the state
  • Your income will determine your contribution to the fund
  • Everyone will choose a nurse or GP as their primary provider as their primary point of engagement, failing to do so will result in paying out of your own pocket
  • You will not be allowed to visit a specialist without a referral
  • All SA citizens are eligible. Undocumented immigrants, asylum seekers, and foreign visitors will get limited benefits
  • The role of Medical Schemes will change over time offering supplementary cover only once NHI is fully implemented
  • Private service providers will contract with the State for their services rendered
  • The funding is as yet unknown but the following might be considered:
    • The scrapping of the current Medical Scheme credits
    • Increase in VAT
    • Increase in payroll taxes for both employer and employees
  • The economy would have to grow at a substantial rate in excess of 3% pa
  • Will be fully implemented by 2026

The Bill

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