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We agree with the principle that everybody needs to have access to healthcare and we support anything that is done to further this cause. Almost all countries face challenges in Healthcare, remember, this is were Socialism and Capitalism meet – the need to give everybody access versus the cold hard reality of who is financing it.

Our main concerns, in no particular order, are as follows:

  • Financing this behemoth is going to have a massive impact, especially on taxpayers and their numbers are dwindling.
  • The power in the hands of a single person, the minister, of this massive fund is worrying.
  •  The track record of the current government in running “business” – think Eskom, SAA, Denel, Prasa, Transnet – to name but a few.
  •  The huge shortage of Healthcare professionals currently in the field.
  • The state of the current government facilities.
  • There will be no open market competition for Healthcare service providers.
  • The competition act is not applicable to this piece of legislation i.e. all professionals will receive the same fee.
  • The services that will be provided are not specified.
  • Who will run the administration of this? It will be open to abuse and fraud, Government simply doesn’t have the ability.
  • What happens if the private sector decides not to become service providers?
  • The number of private-sector job losses.
  • The current economic climate is not conducive for this project.
  • Globally, and in first world countries, National Health is battling with finances let alone service.
  • The pilot projects were a failure, what guarantees do we have?
  • My rights as a citizen guarantee me freedom of choice which is now taken away.
  • The burden of immigrants will be financed by the SA taxpayer.

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