(Designated Service Providers)


A Medical Scheme may have a preference in a healthcare provider
(doctor, pharmacist hospitals etc.) when it’s members need diagnosis,
treatment or care. These healthcare providers are called DSP’s
(designated service providers). Medical Schemes will have negotiated with these DSP’s to ensure that their members will get maximum value for money when making use of these DSP’s.

In the event of a member making use of non-DSP, the member may
have to settle a portion of the healthcare provider’s bill, which could
either, be a percentage co-payment or the difference between the
DSP’s tariff and that charged by the healthcare provider used.

If no DSP is available in a reasonable distance from your work or
home, you may make use of any healthcare provider and the Scheme
will be obliged to settle the healthcare provider’s bill.

*You will be advised by our team in order to make use of the Scheme’s DSP arrangement.

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