Aimed at providing comprehensive assistance

This offering to the client will give complete peace of mind that the team will look at every claim to try and maximize the amount spent on healthcare. Typical services include:

Administer and coordinate all healthcare claims

Negotiate with service providers

Obtain Hospital Pre-Auths On Your Behalf

Register and administer your chronics

Micromanagement of claims and tracking of health outcomes

Available 24/7/365 - Always!

Takes responsibility

Ensure 3rd party pay claims correctly

Obtain other pre-auths on your behalf

Flexible healthcare architecture

Spesbona medicine club benefit

Preferred provider network

No Limits On Day To Day Contributions

Has No Vested Interest

Gives Clinical Assistance

How does it work in practice?

Spes Bona for Individuals acts as a Bureau for controlling and monitoring your various medical costs and offer additional benefits. Individuals either don't have the time or the skills to determine if their accounts from service providers are correct and that the cost charged are in line with good practice. This often leads to frustration and sometimes additional financial burden. At we take the hassles out of healthcare expenses.

A typical arrangement will be where we apply our expertise to the following 2 components of your healthcare financing, they are:

  • Your hospital plan from a medical scheme of your choice.
  • A personally owned individual bank account called a Medical Provision Account (MPA) that is used to administer all your healthcare expenses.

In practice all your medical expenses will be routed through your MPA, to take control and to ease the administration of your expenses. You can even reroute your payment of your Medical Scheme to this account.

This method has the following advantages

  • Completely flexible
  • There is no limit on your day to day contribution!
  • The account to be solely used for health related expenses
  • As a separate account Medical Schemes will not be able to process unauthorized or improper expenses against your money. No more pushing down of costs by the scheme or incorrect charges by medical service providers.
  • No unauthorized debits by 3rd parties on your current/salary account.
  • Deposits by 3rd parties can be controlled and monitored independently and reconciled to actual claims!
  • You will receive a membership card that will enable service providers to submit claims directly to and we can even add your scheme membership details if you want!